A Unique World of Ceramics

This style combines hand-building and throwing techniques. A kick-wheel is used to merge them together resulting in unique, unprecedented techniques; thrown pinch pots.

Pinching pots is an ancient technique.  Today it is taught to young children and beginners to help them understand how clay responds to pressure.  Through this repetitive process, one can develop a kinetic sense of irregularities and thickness with touch alone.  By mastering this technique, gorgeous one-of-a-kind pieces can be created.

John-Andrew Boyajian has been involved with ceramics for over 5 years. Every piece is made with his unique 'slow throw' method that combines pinching and throwing. This special technique allows the clay to be manipulated, creating cracks and texture naturally.

Although 22 years old, his work redefines the pinch pot 'rule book'. His special technique helps separate his pottery from other artists, creating a unique identity worthy of collecting.