This frees the clay to act naturally, creating a wide variety of textures and shapes. Traditional throwing techniques produce repetitive smooth pieces, relying mostly on a unique glaze. Through his experience, he has found a unique way to produce gorgeous thrown pottery without the mess and limitations associated with the wheel.

Starting with nothing more than a ball of clay and making something beautiful with only your hands is an art.   Some may say it is a gift.  In his Washingtong studio, John-Andrew Boyajian has mastered an ancient hand building technique known as pinching.  His artwork continues to evolve because he is first to explore a new branch of pinching he calls, 'thrown pinch pots'. 

Throwing pinch pots removes the traditional techniques familiar with throwing and allows for a more natural process.  This allows him to manipulate the wheels rotation to his advantage. 

A quick demo of how the “Timber” piece was created